What is a healing room?

The Claremont Healing Rooms is a group of trained Christians from various churches within the region, who offer effective healing prayer for the body, soul and spirit.  We provide a loving, safe, confidential environment for you to receive healing.  Each room is staffed with two to three trained volunteer prayer ministers.

Are very many people being healed through this ministry?

A high percentage of people do receive relief within a short period of time after being ministered to. Others return for further sessions until their healing is completed.  See the stories from our clients by visiting our testimonies webpage.

Is there a charge for your services?

There are no fees associated with our ministry. However, you may contribute to help support our non-profit ministry.  Your donations are tax deductible.

How long does it take to be prayed for?

A typical prayer session will last about 20-30 minutes.

How often can I come back for more prayer?

As often as you like. You might also consider visiting the other healing rooms in our general area. Each of them have different days and hours in which they are open. To find other healing rooms in our area http://healingrooms.com/

Should I stop taking my prescription drugs after I have been prayed for?

Those who minister in the healing rooms are not doctors and therefore cannot and will not instruct anyone to either stop or start taking prescription medication. Please talk with your doctor about any change in your prescription medications.

How do I become a volunteer for the Healing Rooms?

Throughout the year we hold several trainings for volunteers. You may attend one of our trainings and become a technician.

What kind of volunteer positions are available?

We have volunteers who are prayer technicians, worship leaders, office help, and prayer intercessors. To find out more information on how you can become involved call our office during business hours or contact us here.